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Cruise Through the Panama Canal

Experience the Engineering Wonder that is the Panama Canal.

Marvel at the engineering of the Panama Canal on our cruise ships and discover a tropical destination and vacation memories along the way on your Panama Canal One Day Cruise.

Sailing through the engineering masterpiece that connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean is a bucket-list event on its own, but along the way you´ll also discover a country rich in bio-diversity and charm. Really a Tropical Paradise!

On your Panama Canal Full Boat Tour, you´ll venture deep into the Panamanian Rain Forest and learn the inner workings of the fascinating Panama Canal´s locks. On your Panama Canal Partial Boat Tour, you´ll discover a fascinating world, in a few hours you will know and experience the Panama Canal.

The best time to go on a Panama Canal cruise is anytime. The canal never stops working and you will traverse along with other ships and boats and witness the swift movement of these vessels.

Depending upon the time you have available, choose the most appropriate option for you and we’ll take care of the rest.