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+15 years sailing the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Tours. Boat Tour Through The Panama Canal. 

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Welcome to the Panama Canal. Don’t accept imitations, navigate with us the world-famous Panama Canal.  The waterway that connects two of the world’s grandest oceans, The Atlantic and The Pacific. The Panama Canal is one of the most incredible engineering feats that humanity has ever known. Celebrate with Panama Canal Tours the 104 years in service of this marvel of mankind’s ingenuity and be a part of its history. You’ll be sure to agree that this is the most comprehensive One-Day Tours in Panama. We offer both partial and complete transit tours through the Panama Canal in our comfortable tour boats. 

The Most Scenic Short-cut in the World!

Panama Canal Tours offers two excursion options to enable you to revel in The Panama Canal experience. The first and most recommended option is to navigate the Canal in one of our tour boats, traveling from one ocean to the other; an experience that can only be lived in Panama!

The second option is to take our city tour which includes a thrilling visit to the Canal Visitors center and the Miraflores Locks where you will be witness just how it is that ships are elevated above sea level. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Canal Museum and the interactive virtual reality simulation center where you will be able to experience the entire canal transit as if you were traveling on the bridge of a large, ocean-going ship, replete with replicas of the instrumentation used to guide these incredible ocean-going vessels.

Panama Canal Trips. Depending upon the time you have available, choose the most appropriate option for you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Travel Packages to Panama 

In addition to our famous boat trips on the Panama Canal. We organize your stay in Panama, our beautiful country, one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

Our travel packages to Panama are extremely complete. Panama vacation packages full of adventure. Our Alliance with Trip Advisor´s most award-winning hotels ensure you a first-class lodging experience in Panama.

We additionally offer exciting tour itineraries of various days traveling to other regions of Panama, abounding in the natural scenic beauty, culture and bio-diversity that our country offers. 

Our travel packages to Panama include hotels in different locations, so your experience will be complete and full of memories; hotels in Panama City, beach hotels in Panama, mountain hotels in Panama. Our collection of travel packages to Panama include airport transfers, hotel, city tour, and of course Cruise on the Panama Canal.